🚀 I focus on stocks with high dividends in order to bring you the greatest possible profit. I am a professional investor from Slovakia (EU) with 10 years of experience in managing stock portfolios. 


Strategy Type

I tend towards a blend of Value and Growth Investing.

✅ My strategy is a Value investing strategy which invests in stocks that trade at low valuations on measures such as price-to-earnings or price-to-net asset value and long-term investor.


Investment Method

Applying a top-down view, I will mostly use fundamental analysis to make investment decisions with some technical analysis in specific situations.


Risk management 

📈 The portfolio is diversified into a lot of stocks. No leverage will be used.  When copying me on Etoro, I recommend setting the stop loss at a low level, because in recessions, the value of stocks can fall 50%+, yet those are often the best times to buy. Recommended minimum copy period: 1 year


Geographic Focus

Mainly US, UK/Europe with a small percentage in China. I diversifies risk with large profit growth and dividend payments.


Industry Focus

Technology, Consumer Goods and Future Industry & Science such as Biomed.


Investment Period

Long-term. Regular investments in the portfolio on a monthly basis.